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PrintWhere - Windows Print Driver

What if the basic Printing Service does not provide the features you need for Windows print applications? Install and use PrintWhere.

PrintWhere is a print driver for Windows operating systems that is compatible with the printing service. Provided by PrinterOn Corporation, PrintWhere works with all of the supported printers.

Once installed, select PrintWhere as your current printer, and use its "Find a Printer" feature to search for and locate supported printers that you are entitled to use.

PrintWhere is ideal for:

  • Printing from an application that is not supported by the print service.
  • Allowing access to the advanced print features of an application.
  • Power users wanting the fastest response times.


  • Microsoft Windows 2000 and above (32-bit)
  • Apple products are not supported

Obtaining PrintWhere

To download the latest version of PrintWhere, please click


  • After clicking on the hyperlink to download, you will be asked to Save or Run the file (PWhere.exe)
  • After running the file, it will take you through an installation wizard. You need to agree to the License Agreement.
  • After it completes installation, it will put the Choose a Printer 3.6 onto the desktop. Double click on it and in the Keywords search box, type in "ucdavis" and click Search. This will give you the various printers available for wireless printing.
  • Click to highlight the printer that you want to add to your computer. Click OK. It will connect, and then ask you to Select. After adding your selection, it may ask if you will allow the program to make the change to your computer; say Yes.
  • From a document you want to print, select the PrintWhere 3.6 option from the File-Print menu. Click on Printer Properties if you have added multiple printers to your computer, so you can choose the one you want to send the job to.

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