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About the Printing service

CPS meets the basic printing requirements for students and faculty without requiring print drivers to be installed on your computer. The most commonly used file formats are supported, along with a page range and number of copies. Key benefits are:

  • You can print immediately without finding, installing and correctly configuring print drivers.
  • Our overall cost of supporting print services is kept to a minimum.
  • Print from any location on or off site.

How it Works
You will use a web browser to interact with the Printing Service. The service will guide you through a simple process of:

  • Identifying yourself
  • Choosing a printer
  • Setting print options
  • Picking a document to print

A status window will then keep you apprised of the status of your request, and prompt for additional information if necessary. You should leave this status window open until your request is complete.

The server will process your request, send the print data to the selected printer, and then delete your document. If the printer is attached to a print management station, you will need to identify and release your document at the station.

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